I’m Going Rip Van Winkel for the Winter.

Perhaps you’ve noticed that I’ve taken a hiatus from the blogosphere. Perhaps you haven’t. Either way, I am here to tell you: I have taken a half-assed hiatus from blogging.

I had some housing issues in Oakland that, in retrospect, were almost humorously messed up but I’m no longer in domestic peril, so that’s a win. It’s not really worth it to parcel it out here but I’m back to dreamin’, floatin’, seein’ where that leads me.

One place it has led me is to The Shining, a film I often return to in the winter. I’ve also been vibing with some Twin Peaks. A quiet trip along the Mt Hood highways, passing through motels and Timberline Lodge and the Portland trees webbed through gray sky each afternoon have me digging dark Northwest winter in a new way. I appreciate it, I want to draw and keep warm and hide out a bit.

So I’m going to do that. But here are some photos from the past week.


I hope to return from hibernation with many short stories, crude illustrations and more photographs. Many kisses until then.

– Elissa


I Send You My Best Vibes.

Today I tried sagging my pants. This was inspired by a 50-something, Caribbean gem that I work with who delivers slam-dunk styles each day at the makeshift trailer office we operate out of. It’s temporary. The trailer, not the sagging pants (those are here to stay).

Basically, what I am trying to express is that I love my new job. The women I work with are mind blowingly cool. They display multi-level hustle, kindness and patience and I feel that I have so much to learn from them. Also, I can take heaps of kindness and patience right now. I was thrown in as an interpreter on my 2nd day and am learning the subtleties of regional, linguistic differences and hyper-specific, non-profit vocab by actually speaking Spanish, A LOT of it.

Most of my life has been wrapped up in establishing a solid foundation at work and a place to live. Both frontiers look hopeful. I’m wishing on a haunted, victorian in Oakland but I’ve managed to slightly relax about how life falls in to place. Everything really does work out.

My in-between moments have been spent reading in the park for a newly founded book club, listening to political talk radio during my commute and spending loads of time with Stephanie in kitchen conquest.

I also had the opportunity to accompany Jocelyn in her recent foray into candle making. She sold these in a craft faire at Subrosa Coffee las Saturday and they smell SO GOOD. This is just on facet of her recent cohesive project Off the Beaten Path. Tune in for developments and an excellent selection of vintage, jewelry and artisan goods.

I’ll keep it brief and leave with a few photos of dreamy people and moments from the past week.


Stephanie, horse whisperer


This horse is not entertained


Steph’s persimmon, lavender cookies WUT?!


Does a name tage make it official?


Candle babies.


Book Club park times


The endlessly beautiful Bay Bridge commute


Pool, beers and a heart attack over how much I love these women

Ode to My Pickup

Last fall as I awkwardly boarded the bus with 2 heaping bags of vintage, a backpack full of electronics and books and a bag of groceries slung over my arm, I had an epiphany: my lifestyle demanded a vehicle. 

I’ve always respected bag ladies but as I slowly began to become one, I realized I just wasn’t cut from the bag lady cloth. 


Day 1 of my Datsun love affair.

So I found my magical pickup and while I didn’t know how to navigate a stick shift upon purchase, I quickly learned in the throes of Portland rush hour. I’ve come a long way from stalling mid-intersection on W Burnside or hydroplaning over the Hawthorne Bridge. I’ve camped in the back, stuffed it full of bikes, vintage, people and fishing gear and I have one final journey left. 

I look forward to many long, bumpy day rides and shag-carpeted nights with the ol’ Datsun this month. 

Here’s a basic route map:


I love Google Maps.

On monday, I leave for 4 days of yoga, meditation and, hot springs and hikes at Breitenbush. More on that soon.