On the eve of my departure…

…I am debating whether to bake banana bread or not. Last night I made banana flax bread with molasses but I couldn’t find the cinnamon and it’s bland. Laundry is still in the dryer, my poor retinas are going to shrivel on the sun drenched drive because I’ve lost my sunglasses whilst moving and I still haven’t checked my oil. Al fin, no me importa.

Tomorrow I will head to Breitenbush and put some faith in the strange bliss of the universe working itself out.

What I do have prepared are a sleeping bag, , some primitive cookware, a backpack full of clothes and a hell of a lot of books.

On my birthday eve, I illustrated a recent meditation. It’s what I’ve been projecting for this journey and the coming year’s journey. And the many, many journey after that. So it is what I will leave you with before I go:


A few more hours of procrastination +  a few minutes of packing and I will be on the road. I think I will skip the banana bread.

Please note however: no internet or cell phone coverage exists at Breitenbush so I will be out of touch for 4 days. I say NO WORRIES, just skinny dips and yoga for days. But if you can’t reach me, that is why.

See you on the flip side.




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