Here I Go.

Last night I shared an enormous meal with my family on the muggy patio of a cantina. We had all decided to gather in celebration of our respective birthdays before I depart for the year and, over the course of an hour, at least 3 different family members asked, “so…what exactly is it that you’re doing?”

The truth is, my life’s direction has significantly shifted in the past few months and it just keeps on shifting. But that’s often how life unfolds, am I right? Thus, I decided to erect this blog to keep my nearest & dearest informed throughout my travels. Hopefully this provides them some peace of mind and a little entertainment along the way.

Here’s a brief summary: Next week I leave for Costa Rica where I plan to spend the month of August in exploration.

I fly to San Jose on July 31st and will then board a 9 hour bus to Puerto Jimenez. You see, in college, I lived with this guy named Brian. He loudly recorded punk rock music in our bathroom and garage, hated cottage cheese and was a generally wonderful person. Last year he opened Celvante Jungle Hostel in the rainforest of the Osa Peninsula with Kyle (another amazing person from college) and I get to spend the first 10 days of my stay chilling with these guys at the hostel they built. This is right by Corcovoda National Park and has easy access to remote beaches and lots of tropical flora & fauna.

Celvante Jungle Hostel

Celvante Jungle Hostel

Brian & Kyle at Celvante

Brian & Kyle at Celvante

For the remaining 2.5 weeks of my stay, I will move from the coast to   the mountains. Casa Mariposa was highly recommended to me by a group of Swedish tourists that stopped in my Portland shop. When I realized that I needed to secure a place for the last 2 weeks of August I immediately reached out to John & Jill, the couple who run the hostel. Turns out, they are incredibly kind people and needed some work exchange for August so I will pass my time helping with worm compost, housekeeping, gardening and hosting duties in exchange for lodging. Did I mention that Casa Mariposa is located at the trailhead for Cerro Chirripo? Well it is and, despite my fear of heights, I hope to climb all 12,533 ft of the mountain.

Natnl Geographic

Natnl Geographic

Casa Mariposa also offers access to Rio Chirripo, and Cloudbridge Reserve.

The Cloudbridge Project

The Cloudbridge Project

So here’s my basic plan: 1. Arrive in Costa Rica, 2. Spend time with nature.

30 days later, I return from Costa Rica and almost immediately leave for Ubrique, Spain where I will spend many months teaching. More on that later, however. For now I am riding the blissed-out wave of new experiences to come.  I look forward to sharing them with you.

In Ever-Loving Spirit,



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